Ashleworth Girls v Ashleworth Boys - Sunday 6 April




Ashleworth Girls


Ashleworth Boys




Alice Bowe

Sarah Majhutiak

Jack Dean

Grace Cockerill

Emma Sheppard

Robert Hawkins

Chloe Hopper

Danielle Stubbs

Patrick Hopper

Rhianne Huggins

Rosie Wharton

Rhys Hughes

Bethany Hughes

Thomas Stubbs

Jake Michaels

Amelia Jones


Hannah Richards

Ella Jones


Sam Wharton

Emma Kemp


Ben Wheeler



RESULT Ashleworth Girls 0 Ashleworth Boys 1



Ashleworth Boys made a good start against the girls, but as the girls warmed to their task, in their first ever match, it became a very close fought contest. The girls obviously had a good team talk at half time, from their Coach Julie Majhutiak, and came close to equalising on several occasions in the second half. A draw looked on the cards when after some indiscipline on the part of the boys the Referee, Keith Huggins, awarded the girls a penalty. Danielle Stubbs squared up to the ball and hit the penalty with power, but the shot went just wide of the target. The final one nil victory to the boys was a fair result, but only just as the girls stronger performance in the second half resulted in several goal mouth melees, with the boys struggling to keep the ball out of their net.


The girls had a large squad and had rolling substitutions policy so that everybody had a game. Thomas Stubbs was in goal for the girls making several saves to keep them in the game. Alice Bowe, Sarah Majhutiak, Danielle Stubbs all played in defence and all made some good tackles, taking the ball from the more experienced boys on many occasions and starting the girls attacks from deep. Rhianne Huggins, Bethany Hughes, Amelia Jones, Ella Jones and Emma Sheppard and Rosie Wharton played in midfield and they all had a good match chasing the ball, tackling and generally breaking up the boys attacking moves. Up front for the girls were Grace Cockerill, Chloe Hopper, Emma Kemp and in the second half as the girls grew in confidence taking the game to the boys Alice Bowe moved from defence to attack. They all played their part in dispossessing the boys and taking the ball forward, but despite sustained pressure at the end of the second half they were not rewarded with a goal.


For the boys Jake Michaels made several strong runs in the first half and scored the only goal of the match half way through the first half. Patrick Hopper kept goal in the first half before swapping with Jake for the second. Both goalies made several saves during the game that kept the girls at bay. Jack Dean and Robert Hawkins did a good solid job in defence, Rhys Hughes, Patrick and Jake provided an attacking midfield and Sam Wharton and Ben Wheeler were the frontmen. Ben had a couple of good chances on goal, but Thomas Stubbs, in goal for the girls made some good stops. Sam Wharton also helped out with defensive duties, making some crucial clearances. Hannah Richards played for the boys, as she regularly plays with them and her experience showed with some good running with ball.







A difficult call, as there were many contenders and nothing to choose between them. One player did however show three really good examples of natural flair and skill, so the award goes to Rosie Wharton.